Friday, March 02, 2012

Losing a Big Voice

What a loss of energy for the conservative movement.  No, he wasn't always pristine as a journalist and sometimes went too far in the pushback (only saying what most wouldn't) but his energy will be missed the most.   He was a true idea man, a classic entrepreneur, a freewheel thinker creating websites and ventures around his passion while stepping out of the box to do it, without fear. He reveled in the "back and forth".   Like Palin, who also collected a lot of enemies for speaking freely, people listened to Breitbart.  

As to the inevitable conspiracy questions, well the timing does seem questionable but there hasn't even been an autopsy report yet. He obviously rattled cages, producing an impressive enemies list, and he had promised a video of Obama from his college days along with a new website coming about this weekend, plus had some recent in-your-face encounters with the Occupy crowd.  And yes, the Sheriff Joe presser today featured a suggestion about Ayers's mother--while Breitbart himself shared the Cashill theory about Ayers. But it's a serious, serious charge to say he was bumped off and one not to be flung around without hard evidence.  Breitbart certainly wouldn't have done it. 

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