Thursday, July 12, 2012


Several stories have popped out lately and all appear to have a possible link:  baiting the GOP into predictable reactions for exploitation.

Take the Romney speech at the NAACP.  It was probably designed to get Mitt into a situation where he could be booed by minorities--basically for being a white conservative--whereupon conservatives would react to the booing and their reaction could then be used against them (racists).

The 18 year old Texas Latina from San Antonio called to testify by the DOJ in Washington about the Texas voter ID law was likely designed to not only tug at Hispanic heartstrings but also perhaps to lure conservatives into bashing a young Hispanic woman, which could be used to anger other Hispanics and draw more votes for Obama. We still don't know how the woman managed to get past TSA without a picture ID so she could give her Fluke-like testimony.

The Spanish-language soap opera commercials advertising food stamps is the same thing--designed to provoke a reaction.  

Of course the Bain felony 'you lie!' story was probably designed to both pull Romney into defense mode for being a capitalist again (something the Obamabots will be doing repeatedly the next four months because they have no other play) while countering Mitt's own 'you lie' commercial regarding previous allegations about him being...a capitalist.

Even Obama's personal Twitter account linked the Atlantic Wire story today, followed by numerous mainstream stories, some using question marks as if they were bloggers. If only they'd had as much curiosity about Obama's lies regarding Ayers and Dreams but the notion of the president's campaign lying about the big guy once palling around with a communist domestic terrorist is of course just cwazy whackadoodle conspiracy fodder.

All together they could have also been strategically timed to undermine what looks to be an early VP announcement with Drudge now headlining Condi as a possible pick.  If true the Bot rocket launchers will be reloaded promptly for 'Iraq war WMD lies' stories about Condi, probably even from the likes of the NAACP.  Nobody will be calling anyone a racist over that stuff.

Meanwhile we have about five carrier groups swarming around the Strait of Hormuz with troop buildups in Kuwait while Syria goes nuts and Egypt morphs into Taliban 2.0 and nobody has noticed. Maybe Condi will make them notice.


Right Truth said...

About the "18 year old Texas Latina from San Antonio called to testify by the DOJ"...

I'm betting you won't hear testimony from the mother of the little girl run down by an illegal alien driving an SUV.

Right Truth

McCloud said...

Not a chance. The print stories barely noted that fact. Rush was harping on one of them blaming 'an SUV' for the death.

Still wondering how the young Latina got to DC without using an ID at the airport. Certainly they wouldn't fly her in on a DOJ corporate jet...would they?