Tuesday, July 03, 2012

We Apologize

So the United States has apologized to Pakistan due to the November raid along the border in which several Pakistani troops were killed.   OK, we expect such turds to be dropped on the press during the afternoon of July 3rd.  

When does the Pakistani government apologize for harboring bin Laden?  And KSM?  And Binalshibh?  And Yousef?  Or for letting bin Laden escape into the tribal areas?  Or letting the Taliban stage in the tribal areas, and come back across the border?  Or for A.Q. Khan?  Or for creating the Taliban to begin with?  That's some great ally.     


Right Truth said...

Don't hold your breath. I hear that Pakistan has finally accepted this last apology and will resume negotiations/talks/blackmail/terrorism/whatever.

Right Truth

A.C. McCloud said...

Yeah, I won't. The little countries never apologize in this game. Pakistan has been involved in almost every terrorist attack since 1993, including harboring the spiritual leader of the group who attacked us, yet it is America who must say 'sorry' so we can fuel and feed our army, fighting against the people most of Pakistan reveres. What a joke.