Thursday, July 19, 2012

On Sheriff Joe's Presser

It's really quite amazing.  As someone who thinks Obama was born in Hawaii Sheriff Joe's presser about Obama's long form birth cert was bizarre for a number of reasons.  Yes, like almost all other right leaning sites there is some hesitation to even mention it due to the immediate labeling as a cwazy birther,  but since this site is no stranger to cwazy conspiracies, what's to lose?!

The overarching takeaway from the event was the notion of the presser itself--a county sheriff speaking to the media about the eligibility of the president of the United States.  That itself is cwazy.  The White House sorta played it that way in its limited pushback.

The next glaring takeaway was the press, who according to reports, well, reports from World Net Daily, were attacking Arpaio and his "cold case posse" investigator Zullo instead of asking questions about their purported evidence.  Imagine the same thing occurring if some county sheriff said he had evidence that Bush was lying about--anything. They would be salivating over the data.

Third, the idea that someone can obtain a birth certificate from Hawaii without being born in Hawaii is something that should be investigated, Obama or not.  If nothing else the press could have jumped on that one to see if it was true.    

As to Arpaio, he sounds a just a tad uptight and of course has his own problems, but those problems could have been inflamed by his black and white stance on illegals to which the White House objects.  In other words, he was an easy target.  As to the purported evidence, I'd like to see the interview with the 95 year old records clerk they mentioned in support of explaining the numbers in pencil on the cert, which seem important.

But even if there were blank entries on the original submission, flagged by the number 9, they might not be dismissive of Obama being born in Honolulu.  Those are the kind of questions the press should be pursuing.  Of course that would require them to ask the basic question that IF they were not originally filled out, who filled them out later and why?  Answering such a question might surely lead to "the Obama campaign", which is a place none of them want to go.

But imagine it.  "African" as a race was not used when the state of Hawaii filed the certificate.  So how did it get there?  Did someone make a special exception for the first Kenyan to come to the University of Hawaii?  It's possible.  Maybe the 95 year old clerk would know.  The press should be curious enough to ask since it doesn't necessarily say anything towards ineligibility.

According to the investigators nobody from the Hawaii records office would swear that the document released on the internet was the exact same one they had in their vault, which is a little surprising since they sold the document to the Obama campaign.  That seems a ridiculous gap to leave--either the document is the same or it isn't.  If it isn't the explanation might be as innocent as a Chicago politician altering a document to be made public (the original short form) to change a blank entry, or the more standard "Negro" to "African" in support of their boss, who was basing his entire narrative on Dreams from his African father.

But perhaps the greater import is the politics.  With the right sitting on this story, deathly afraid of touching it for fear of triggering the lefty truther jackals, the only way it gets any traction is via Trump.  And the Donald is back at it, demanding Obama release his school records and other stuff in response to the Obama campaign against Bain.  Romney seems to trust Trump and even recently said they would begin "vetting the president", ala Breitbart.  Hopefully Mitt knows what he's doing but it has the aroma of a trap.


Right Truth said...

It is all very fishy. I hope your last comment about Romney "vetting" the president, I hope you are right but I won't hold my breath.

WND gets big on headlines and lacking on substance way too often for me. However, they do a lot of good work in spite of that. I like Sheriff Joe and hopefully he won't stop digging.

Right Truth

Right Truth

A.C. McCloud said...

It's entirely possible Sheriff Joe is using this as a way to fend off Obama's Justice Dept and their crusade to get rid of him due to illegals. But for it to work there has to be something there--or at least enough of something. I've pretty much ignored this since the long form came out but the supposed meaning of the penciled numbers is interesting and should be followed up by reputable media.

But nothing will. It's already a dead story. Obama is president, Romney is challenging, and it's not worth wasting political capital on it--at least the experts say--which is why Romney's relationship with Trump is so curious.