Friday, July 27, 2012

Syria, Then and Now

Flashback to 2003 and the reaction of Syrians to SecDef Rumsfeld's warning about arms and fighters being allowed to cross the border into Iraq:
Rumsfeld's remarks even seemed to drive longtime opponents of the Syrian government to reverse their opposition to Damascus' official policies. Syria's outlawed Muslim Brotherhood called on the government to "offer all support to aid the Iraqi resistance before Syria becomes America's next target." And in an interview with the Al Jazeera television network, Ali Sadreddin Bayanouni, the leader of the group, said, "The real reason for this war is control over the region. "This aggression will not stop at Iraq. The Arab nation, in its entirety, will be a target of this aggression."
Fast-forward to now (and past the US invasion or bombing that never happened) and this reaction to our non-meddling in Aleppo:
What is the United States saying? Are they not listening? Do they want us all to die? These are just a few reactions to what in the eyes of the Syrian rebels looked like a weak and confused American position on the ongoing war.
Add that to the fact that Syria has one of the most advanced chem-bio weapons programs of any third world nation--and Iraq does not, anymore--and the irony is even richer. Also consider that Obama's own security czar James Clapper felt that some of those chembio stocks possibly originated in Iraq and the irony is off the charts.

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