Sunday, August 26, 2012

Here comes Isaac

Drudge is now heralding doom for New Orleans with a sensational headline comparing Tropical Storm Isaac to Category 4 Hurricane Katrina.  He's linking to a Forbes story about some weather people who work in futures, ie, reminding everyone that somebody will likely make money off this possible future disaster depending on the outcome. That's our evil free market system at work.

Anyway, it's hard to believe Katrina was seven years ago this month.  Hopefully they've strengthened the flood walls down there lest we have another disaster blamed on Bush.   In reality the Landrieu family will be the ones on the hot seat this time if something happens because nothing rises to the top these days.   They will surely have all the gutsy calls they can handle.   Let's hope none of them fly off the handle, like last time.

Meanwhile, be careful what you say.  After slightly mocking NOAA in an earlier post for sending Isaac to Tampa and the GOP convention they are now sending it to.. Memphis.

I get the message!  So let's hope and pray that it fizzles out....and certainly not just for my sake. 


Expect we might hear something about this order Obama signed declaring Louisiana is now in a federal state of emergency.   He's on the ball! 

How many will point out that Bush did the same thing


LA Sunset said...

Looks like Axelrod has gotten hold of Rove's hurricane machine.

A.C. McCloud said...

Yeah, was thinking Biden might have been playing with it and turned the wrong knob.

Right Truth said...

We just got home from a trip to the Gulf, Mobile, Biloxi, Gulf Shores, New Orleans. We toured the Ninth Ward. I thought I knew of the devastation (not from Katrina, Katrina hit Mississippi -- but from flooding resulting from the failed levees)....

What we see in pictures and on TV is nothing, even after all these years. I always wondered why people did not come back and rebuild ... Now I know. The entire area was covered with water, water filled with excrement and who knows what else. Black mold covers what few structures still remain. Horrible.

People cannot live where there is nothing, no schools, no businesses, no nothing. The entire area needs to be bulldozed.

Right Truth

A.C. McCloud said...

Looks like Rove might have grabbed control of the storm machine and turned down the volume. At least so far. We'll see if the 7 billion taxpayers forked over to fix the levees was a good investment.