Thursday, August 16, 2012

On Biden and Chains

Jay Carney spent about half his rare "daily" press briefing today answering questions about Joe Biden's back in chains y'all comment in Virginia the other day--of course he refused to condemn them in any way even when told that the black governor of Virginia (Dem) had condemned them.   He also confirmed that Biden would remain on the ticket, complete with a slap at both McCain and Palin.

He spent most of the other time claiming that news stories about Biden's comments or Democrat commercials about Romney being a killer or accusations that he might be a felon are actually distractions coming from Romney to divert attention away from a substantive debate.  Yes, really.  The Obama folks are just trying to talk issues--the issue being that Mittens might be Stalin.  

But a question comes to my mind about Biden and scripting.  There was a prompter at the speech...

Were his "chains" remarks actually on the screen for him to read or did he ad-lib them?  Ole Joe tends to drift around a lot--or so it would seem--but if those comments were actually on the transcript it would suggest the White House is the one who wants to distract from it's own 'substantive' message, one they are overwhelmingly winning according to Carney.  Figure that logic.   

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