Monday, August 20, 2012

Politico Psy-Ops

The political sphere is a bit atwitter today at the Politico's insider story about trouble in the Obama campaign...
Obama campaign roiled by conflict
That got some headlines along with Drudge's focus on the claim Obama called Rubio a 'boy'. It wouldn't be surprising, if true.

Then again, it would be surprising if anything in the entire story was actually true. For something deemed to be a hit piece it certainly advanced a lot of dirt and narratives.

Take for example the following bullet points from the story and what they might advance:

  • Obama wanting constant updates about college kids volunteering for his campaign. Right now he needs them to get energized, but getting them energized means red meat. The boss is calling, guys, and he's getting tough, to wit... 
  • .. calling Rubio a boy. The tough skinny kid from Chicago "talking trash". Bound to get the kids riled up. 
  • Obama is in charge. He's mad about this, frustrated about that, etc. 
  • Biden needs to get on the same page? Biden jumped the gun on gay marriage? Hard to believe. Joe dropped the gay marriage hint in late 2010 (after the mid-term shellacking) and it never spurred an Ovolution.  No, the time to drop the gay card was right and Biden played his role--betcha 10,000. 
  • Complaining about the Super PACs--and the SCOTUS decision that allowed them. Obama has now 'reluctantly' joined the fray--he had to! 
  • He hates Romney. Get that? Romney is a weather vane with no core. This supposedly coming from the top guy... 
  • ...who we're told doesn't like negative campaigning. He tells the press this routinely.  He told them today.  Yet he and his minions told the Politico he hates Romney.  
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