Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Romney Should...

...promptly announce on a campaign stop that he will release 20 years of his federal tax records, his medical history, his college transcripts, his passport records, and any videos of him attending any parties with Bill Ayers.  He should follow that with a challenge for the most transparent president in history to do likewise.

He could even throw in a plea for fellow Mormon Harry Reid to do the Christian-like thing and release his own tax records so the fine people of Nevada can have faith he isn't compromised by outside sources, but addressing dirty liars is not really necessary.  

Otherwise this is not going away for Romney.  CNN's Bash is correct--her very reportage proves it.  The longer Mitt holds out, the more the liberal media will show itself as the partisan hacks they really are by never letting go while never really blaming Reid or Obama for the blind assertions (as they did when conservatives suggested Obama was hiding something).  Yes, if Mitt gives in they will go after the results--he's a richie rich rich boy who dodges taxes.  Axelrod is a master at playing this PC-media game, aka "Chicago Values".  

That's why Romney has to figure an answer or an end run or he'll be in this same kind of trouble repeatedly.  There's some truth about the 'nice guys finishing last' meme (ask McCain) and if the public senses he can't respond effectively to Obama the bully, they'll wonder if he can deal with Putin.  Certainly an end-run might consist of Mitt addressing this at the debates but simply standing there and denying it won't work. Only Obama can get away with that.

Who knows, maybe they have some kind of devious plan at work. Maybe they're stringing Reid along, trying to hook the Obama people on the way in before triggering the mouse trap.  Doesn't sound like a Republican, though.  More likely he'll hit back with a barrage of negative ads like he did to Gingrich, hoping that changes focus, or perhaps hope the VP announcement diverts attention.  It will for awhile, but our intrepid media will never forget.  They sense some blood in the water.  After all, a lot of them are married to Democratic party operatives. 

And yes, you might be thinking that the American electorate is so disgusted with the economy and debt that they're looking way beyond Axelrod's stunt and indeed, many would say that if asked.  But politics is politics and people are people.  Karl Rove understands that and his response was to call Reid a "slimeball".  The fact is nothing really changes.  Mitt has a dog fight on his hands, not a debate.  They're playing it that way on purpose. 

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