Sunday, September 22, 2013

Nairobi Islamic Terror Attack

Once again the religion nobody wants to mention is being used to justify an attack--this one in an upscale Nairobi mall.  Just civilians out for a nice day of shopping, mown down by grenades and AKs.

AQ-affiliated al-Sheebab took credit for the attack, which is still in progress as of this writing.  They have hostages.  Meanwhile our State Department has weighed in and is decrying the attack by 'violent extremists'. Even the Secretary of State will not call the spade a spade, despite the loss of a indigenous Nairobi US embassy employee in the attack:
Secretary of State John Kerry called the attack "a heartbreaking reminder that there exists unspeakable evil in our world which can destroy life in a senseless instant."
"Attacks like this can't change who we are, a people committed to peace and justice for all, but rather must reaffirm our determination to counter extremism and promote tolerance everywhere," Kerr[sic] said in a statement. "As we prepare to bring the world's leaders together at the United Nations next week, we are reminded again in tragedy of our common humanity."
So if someone has just returned from a spaceflight and didn't know the details they might think Joseph Kony had attacked the mall.  After all, he's in Africa, is also called a violent extremist, and our military is supposed to be chasing him.  Or wait, not anymore (sorry, it didn't make the headlines and had to dig).  Since he didn't identify anyone or any philosophy maybe Kerry means that some of the 'violent extremists' who attacked our embassy in Benghazi are involved.  After all, none of them have been brought to justice yet.  Or maybe he means someone like the Navy Yard shooter or Adam Lanza.  

Despite the fuzziness from Foggy Bottom the Israelis certainly know the score and have sent teams down to assist the Kenyans (the mall was Israeli-owned). One can't help but recall the infamous raid on Entebbe when discussing Africa and hostages.  Wonder if any of the Nairobi hostages are Israeli?  Whoever they are let's hope they share the same fate.

Meanwhile in Pakistan, a Christian church gets attacked on a Sunday morning, killing scores:
A suicide attack on a historic Christian church in northwestern Pakistan killed at least 75 people on Sunday in one of the deadliest attacks on the Christian minority in Pakistan in years.
The obvious culprits are Sunni terrorists.  And to think, the Pakistanis just released Mullah Baradar as an act of good faith towards these barbarian cannibalistic head-choppers. 

Which illustrates the bottom line with all of these 'violent extremists'; they must be eradicated, along with their twisted interpretation of Islam.  Kerry is correct in that our goal is perpetuate a policy of tolerance and aggressively counter extremism, and we can't kill them all, but pretending they don't exist and hoping they go away isn't much of a policy either.  The UN General Assembly next week in New York should be used to issue a call for Islamic leaders worldwide to condemn this bullshite.  That's what they would do with Israel.   

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