Saturday, September 28, 2013

Side Tracks

For the hard-core Marshall Tucker fans..

Reflecting back (I bought this album as it came out) this song is maybe the perfect MTB song. Tucker fans may want to listen to this live version (sound only) which is amazing and makes my point. Why perfect? All elements of their talent and style are on full display in one song. While it has a bluesy, southern riff, which both Toy Caldwell and George McCorkle handle at various times on guitar, it also has a jazz-influenced mid section. George even does some fill-in solos (he rarely ever played lead in the band) during this jazzy part while Toy switches to an awesome steel guitar, the beat handled beautifully by drummer Paul Riddle and bassist Tommy Caldwell. Singer Doug Gray has to cover his entire vocal range to hit the high notes while Jerry Eubanks not only sings back-up with Tommy Caldwell, but also plays both the sax and flute in the same song. It may not be the best known or most favorite Tucker song, but to me it exemplifies the band perfectly.

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