Friday, September 27, 2013

Theater of the Absurd

Absurd.  That's the only thing that describes it.

We have a president whose administration likens his American political enemies to suicide bombing terrorists, yet is in negotiation with the Taliban to retreat from the country where 9/11 was launched (including allowing Pakistan to release their Number Two leader) and has just now announced a phone call with the 'president' of one of the biggest state sponsors of terror on earth.

And he does it with conviction--it's pretty obvious that he sees the Tea Party as a bigger enemy than Iran or even AQ, who he's actually helping in Syria and helped in Libya.   And what was the leader of the free world's solution to the horrific onslaught at a Jewish-owned mall in Nairobi where Americans were injured?  He will provde "whatever law enforcement support that is necessary".   As if that's working out so well to solve the Benghazi attack.  The same guy hasn't 'dismantled' the terrorists in Syria who ate a man's organs.

But the Republicans are just as disgraceful, withering like deflated clowns amongst the perceived pressure of how a government shutdown might be spun by the baby bird mainstream media, half of whom are waiting for their security clearances to join the administration.  The House is majority GOP, that's leverage.  Use it without fear.  Do what Tip O'Neil would do and go on the offensive--the debt ceiling has to stand for something, so get out there and make the point and don't let the dissembler define you.  Or, do nothing and look like bigger morons.

Glad it's Friday.       


Right Truth said...

Theater of the Absurd exactly right.

Why do we even have a debt ceiling if all we use it for is to bargain for some bread crumbs each year?

Obama cares nothing for Christians or other non-Muslims being tortured, terrorized and killed around the world. We know where his heart is...

Right Truth

Right Truth said...

(p.s. I haven't been posting much this week, we were on the motorcycle and got hit by a truck. We were very lucky, blessed, and we thank God. Hubby only had a fractured radius in his left arm, a broken tooth from hitting the windshield, and I had a concussion and pulled muscles in my upper leg/abdomen. We are very thankful.)


A.C. McCloud said...

Debbie, jeez, glad to hear you are alright. Several of my bike-riding friends have been hit as well in the last year. One guy I didn't know that well was lost when someone didn't see him. Be careful..

As to your comment about the debt ceiling, absolutely right. If the debt ceiling is to mean anything it has to be a focal point for reducing debt. Obama knows this, but again he lies and obfuscates. But he's a politician. The media should be ALL OVER him for saying that, as should the GOP. Both are apparently out to lunch, for different reasons.

Right Truth said...

We are much better today, the soreness is gradually leaving. Hubby was playing his bass guitar at church this morning, so things are getting back to normal.

Guess you saw where al-Qaeda now has the guns/weapons etc. we sent to McCain's "moderate" rebels. All is well in Obama's agenda.