Sunday, November 10, 2013

Doubling Down, Part 1

No, this is not about Obama's health care lies.  It's about the new book "Double Down" by the same two dudes who wrote "Game Change".   Having forked over good money to purchase this political gossip tome take this as a warning--it's largely sympathetic to the big guy.  At least through page 70, the point I've reached so far.  Confident in saying it will not diverge much from that point on.

Yes it dishes dirt, some of it unflattering, some of it revealing and illuminating as to how the current Decider Guy operates.  Assuming any of it can be believed.

Some interesting items regards the birth certificate and Obama's character in general, but came across the following related to Middle East peace on page 56, which is rather timely:
He talked about Israel and Palestine. We all know that Bibi Netanyahu is a pain in the ass, Obama said. But the president blamed himself for accepting the distorted political prism through which every effort to achieve a settlement in the region had been mediated.
No quotes around the above because it's second hand, but there's a tape out there that basically confirms it.  So if the above is true does it explain the recent attempt at negotiating a nuke deal with Iran, which is currently smoldering on the side of the road in Geneva?  Was our bored Commander-in-Chief genius just playing games with PM Pain in the Ass for fun or was he actually trying to shaft him?

Too bad somebody at the LA Times can't leak that Rashid Khalidi going-away party tape. We have been assured by the Times that there is nothing to see, move along, just Obama being Obama, playing both sides of the fence, the Ayers' just happened to be there , etc.   But it might say something about our current reality.

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