Friday, November 01, 2013

LA Shooting

Another senseless tragedy in America. Once again the media tripped on itself in reporting the facts in the initial rush for breaking news, but it seems they are getting better.  Which means they are learning from their mistakes due to the frequency of such events.  Which is grotesque.

Surely there will be a healthy (or unhealthy) level of conspiracy theories over this, if nothing else due to the alleged shooter's own last name, which includes the words "cia" twice.  But if feels more like another young man who was probably a loser with women, possibly suicidal, who wanted to end it all in a blaze of glory as if living the ending of a video game.  Most probably not very religious or even conservative for that matter.  But that's just speculation. Which is OK for a blog, but not for CNN or the LA Times.

The media is harping on material  found in his possession that they claim indicates "strong anti-government views", which means everyone knows where the discussion is going next.  Specifically they claim it said he wanted to "kill TSA and pigs".  Hmm, is the slander term 'pig' still widely used to describe the police?   It's not in my circles. 

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