Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Logan Takes her Leave

The mainstream media cannot say they aren't reporting on Benghazi...

60 Minutes did their internal review and the result was a time-out (or perhaps more time off with the family) for Lara Logan and her producer over the supposed phony Benghazi story.

"Supposed phony" because 1) Davies himself has not been interviewed after the fact and indeed, claims his family was threatened, and 2) the only confirmation he lied came from anonymous sources within the FBI or administration who've never released any supporting documentation (FBI 302 forms, etc).  60 Minutes presumably took the word of the administration and quickly said 'sorry', which has allowed all the other mainstream outlets to frame their future Benghazi reporting on the presumed lie.  Sounds rather Orwellian.

But this apology-time off thing is interesting.  We assume Logan didn't purposely deceive her viewers on Davies--if anyone did, he did.   If media members were put on leaves of absence for reporting on hoaxes and erroneous stories there may not be many of them left.

For instance, CNN reported blindly that a lesbian waitress was denied a tip because she was a lesbian. Now, maybe not.  Will there be any outrage from the left if it was a hoax?   Will all the reporters with bylines on the original story but who didn't check all the facts be given leaves of absence?  

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