Tuesday, November 05, 2013

It's the Credibility, Stupid

Jay Carney is in a near melt-down trying to defend the indefensible on the health care lies but such displays can be quite useful in determining just who is controlling the levers of power in this country. And the verdict ain't good..
“I know it’s spoken in tones of dramatic revelation,” Carney continued, “but it was a known fact at the time. We never pretended otherwise.” “But Jay,” Karl began. “That’d be that tone I was talking about,” Carney cracked.
Carney cannot take criticism.  It's bizarre to watch coming from a spokesman for the United States government.  But he really doesn't expect criticism  from anyone except the Fox News reporter, whom he often ridicules as a hack.  After yesterday's dustup ABC sent a new reporter and Carney repeated his talking points with a bit more tact, but Karl's colleagues took his place, peppering the bespectacled befuddler with question after question about whether the president needs to address the peeps over his iron-clad guarantee about insurance in the 0-care era, which some of them cannot keep, but Carney (like the president) just kept doubling-down.  His screaming message is basically "don't worry about yesterday, the law is gonna be so goooood".

But is that really what he wants to tell the public, that it's OK to lie for the cause so long as the cause is gonna be awesome in the long run, a sort of official ends justify means policy?   From the sunshine administration?  Or is this all just words again?

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