Thursday, January 02, 2014

A Nation of Laws? from California..
The California Supreme Court granted a law license on Thursday to a man living in the United States illegally who graduated from law school and passed the state bar exam. The decision means Sergio Garcia can begin practicing law despite his immigration status. ...
Garcia arrived in the U.S. illegally 20 years ago to pick almonds with his father and worked at a grocery store and in the fields while attending school.
Oddly, the US Government was a party to the case, arguing against allowing Mr. Garcia to be state certified. This sets up an interesting scenario for 2014.  Will the administration, while promoting visions of a comprehensive illegal immigration reform bill, take Jerry Moonbeam Brown back to court for flaunting US law and the rule of law in general by allowing this abomination to stand?  After all, they sued Arizona after that state passed the ID bill they felt was improper. 

Caught a little bit of the Limbaugh program while driving around today, wherein he mentioned this story in context with Obama flaunting US law as to Obamacare and immigration (which pegs the irony meter in this instance) along with Peyton Manning's passing record story.  The Manning pass was clearly a lateral but they are going to let it stand for obvious political reasons even though Manning might have come out in the second half and been injured on the first play without getting the record (Manning himself knows it was a lateral and should have spoken up).  The same league will allow the Steelers to miss the playoffs on a blown call. 

All of these things point towards a future where the rule of law that has held America together for over two centuries--and is partly why illegal immigrants flock to our shores--will become so watered down as to become virtually meaningless.  And here the networks seem shocked that polls show that Americans have less and less confidence in their government going into 2014.  They are helping produce it. 

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