Thursday, January 23, 2014

Aviation Update

Out to Hawaii, where a few weeks ago the medical examiner finally released a cause of death of State Health Director Loretta Fuddy in the crash of a Cessna 208 off the coast of Oahu. The initial autopsy was performed sometime between December 11-15th after the accident, which occurred  on December 11.  The NTSB preliminary report is here.

Oddly, a similar event happened in October of 2013 off Maui with another Cessna 208; read about that one here.  It also had 10 people onboard and landed safely--on a highway just onshore.  The NTSB has recovered the Fuddy aircraft and the engine was said to be in 'remarkably' good condition, so one assumes they should be able to determine why it failed.  

Of course the medical examiner finding--a cardiac arrhythmia (leading to heart failure)--will not be accepted by the conspiracy-minded among us.   And why should it, considering the weird coincidences?!

One might think a mystery or intrigue writer would also be enthralled by the sheer coincidence of the late Ms. Fuddy--the Hawaiian Health Department Director appointed by Governor Abercrombie shortly before the heralded release of Obama's long form birth cert--later meeting her fate as the only fatality in a highly-survivable crash just weeks before the Obamas were to arrive in Hawaii for vacation.   

For those who haven't seen it, here's onboard video of the crash..

Notice the commentators go through the entire report and never mention the "State Health Director" and her death until the very end, nor do they tell viewers about her famous tie to Obama.  They did comment on how calm everyone was, which is rather stark when watching the video, especially in the seconds before the plane hits the water.  Even after everyone gets into the water there seemed to be very little screaming or exasperation as the pilot can be heard saying "is everyone OK?" without any retorts to the contrary.

The commentators also didn't report on the strange cultish tie Ms. Fuddy had with the President's mother Stanley Ann or the fact this particular cult is associated with four places--Hawaii, Indonesia, Chicago and Seattle, all part of the fabric of Obama's narrative.  Not that they would have, just sayin that it's another strange thing in a universe of strange things.

But if there's a conspiracy in play, how was it supposed to play out?

Let's say some operative wanted to get rid of Ms. Fuddy due to her clandestine knowledge of a birth fraud and the possibility of her spilling some beans.  Would they do it by taking out a small airplane?  Maybe.  Maybe they would tamper with the engine at a remote airfield knowing it would be taking off over the ocean and hoping it would crash with no survivors.  So far there's no evidence of that, but the engine analysis is not yet done.

But if such a thing did occur, how did Ms. Fuddy end up getting murdered when the plane crash plot failed? Were the operatives just incredibly lucky or did they send trained dolphins to poke her with a poison needle or kill her with some kind of death ray?   The only option that makes any sense is pure luck.  Her murder in the water could only have been accomplished by one of the passengers or the pilot, of which there is no evidence.  One assumes the survivors have all been interviewed. 

Besides, it's quite believable a 65 year old woman paddling around in the ocean for over an hour might become panicked and exhausted to the point of straining her heart in such a scenario.  This seems more like a bizarre coincidence.

Actually, the more interesting piece of information is the cult shared between Obama's mama and Ms Fuddy.  By all accounts members practiced a form of yoga-like relaxation and prayer to get closer to their god.  We'll never know if Ms. Fuddy employed it during her last moments or whether it failed for her.  We'll also likely never know if Ms. Fuddy knew Ms Dunham back in the day and if so, whether that would mean anything.  The Subud cult supposedly came to the Islands in the early 60s.  But we do know it's yet another strange factoid in the still untold story.

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