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From Trey Gowdy.   For the mainstream media...

So, what are the odds he'll get any of the questions answered, especially since the questions he asked Admiral Mullen (of the vaunted Accountability Review Board) have not yet been answered.

MORE  1/19/14

There's one Benghazi explanation that has held firm from beginning to end...


And, whether the assailants were real AQ from the Core of AQ, or fake AQ wannabees who only shared Core AQ's overall philosophy, it's worthy to remember what the Chieftain of Core AQ was saying only one day before 9/11...
Zawahiri's posting said the recording was made during the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan, which ran from mid-July to mid-August, but that it was released to coincide with the anniversary of the September 11 attacks of 2001. "This liar is trying to fool Americans into believing that he will defeat al Qaeda by killing this person or than person," he said, referring to U.S. President Barack Obama. "But he escapes from the fact that he was defeated in Iraq and Afghanistan."
The United States withdrew most forces from Iraq last year after it led an invasion in 2003 to depose ruler Saddam Hussein, and it is planning a withdrawal from Afghanistan, invaded in 2001 to bring down the Islamist Taliban government. Zawahiri urged Muslims and particularly Libyans to take revenge for the killing of Libi. "His blood urges you and incites you to fight and kill the crusaders," he said.
Zawahiri is as core as they get, and someone took him up on the offer. That's a distinction without a difference, or should be.

Nor should anyone forget why the Cairo protest (used as the trigger of the Benghazi attack) was was organized in the first place--something the administration NEVER MENTIONED on all their TV appearances.

So, if the cheesy Mohammed video were to be subtracted from that 'calculus' it would leave a protest on 9/11 demanding the release of one of the original emirs of terrorism by the Muslim Brotherhood, an emir who blessed the first WTC attack and who was credited as inspirational by bin Laden himself.

Of course, such an admission goes back into the salad days of the Clinton 90s, when everything was wonderful and terrorism wasn't a looming threat, even though it was.  So it's understandable why the Secretary of State wouldn't want anyone to mention such unmentionables.

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