Tuesday, January 07, 2014


The president gave a speech today.

Not one on the troubles with Obamacare, say for example detailing how many young fit pajama hipsters have signed up so far or whether everyone who signed up actually has insurance.   Or why the 7 million number in March was not really a goal, but merely a suggestion. 

Not one on the mess in Syria and Iraq, explaining why al Qaeda in those areas is not our problem anymore.  Or why we're de facto supporting AQ in Syria and not Iraq.  

Not one on the Bi-Lateral Security Agreement for our forces in Afghanistan, which the White House said must be signed by January 1 or else all troops might be removed after 2014.   Karzai still hasn't signed it.

Not one on the NSA spying scandal and whether Edward Snowden deserves the same kind of respect given to the burglars that broke into an FBI office in 1970 and revealed the COINTELPRO documents, which eventually resulted in his buddy Bill Ayers getting away with domestic terrorism (when Obama was 8).

No, the speech today was about extending unemployment benefits, blaming Congress for going on vacation while the jobless suffer.  Which is rich, considering that he was on vacation, too (and is leaving his wife in Hawaii for an extra expense).  Not to mention the fact the cessation of the benefits was the result of a bi-partisan budget deal in Congress, of which he claims we need more.

Yet despite the bi-partisan compromise, today a fix-it bill is moving along in the Senate, which basically undermines the bi-partisan compromise.  It's like making a deal for a car then having the dealer come back after it's in your driveway and demand money for the stuff he threw in for free.

Any fool should know where this is leading--a show-down with the Tea Party in the House, whom the Democrats will label as hateful and insensitive children-haters if they don't pass it.  Which provides the perfect lead-in for Obama to open his true socialist agenda for the coming three years, better known as "income inequality", or Occupy Wall Street, 2014 edition.  

Too bad we don't have a real media to analyze any of this.  But ABC's web page is doing a great job keeping everyone updated on the latest celebrity happenings.

CRAVEN  1/8/14

What the administration is doing on this unemployment extension is nothing short of craven.  Their argument is that Bush did scores of times; in fact most of the 'emergency' extensions were after crises like 9/11 or during the 2008 financial collapse.  Katrina victims were specifically targeted.   So are they saying things are as bad as those times? 

The other side of Obama's mouth is saying he saved the economy and things are going good.   The only reasons they would pull such a stunt would be to 1) shield Obama from bad press when people lose their benefits after actually signing a bill without the extensions, 2) part of a strategy to make the GOP look bad as part of the kickoff of a broader initiative, or 3) they are clueless clowns.   Number 3 is not an option, these people are not clueless, they are clowns who know exactly what they're trying to accomplish.   Two sounds more plausible.

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