Saturday, May 31, 2014

Side Tracks

The power of nature is incredible..

The impact of the eruption of Mount Sangeang Api in Indonesia is being felt in air traffic patterns.  It you'd like to see why commercial jets avoid volcanic ash clouds check out this video on "Speedbird 9". 
As to other possible far-reaching effects, Mt. Pinatubo in the Philippines exploded after erupting in 1991, sending ash and or ejecta high nto the Stratosphere. The resulting sulfuric acid droplets caused a reflective haze that caused a temporary reduction in global temperatures (along with occasional reddish sunsets for about a year thereafter). A volcanologist would obviously be able to explain it much better.  Just wondering if this eruption was factored into the climate change models.

Speaking of nature, the experts are out with their annual hurricane projection, calling for a lower than normal season due to El Nino.  Which is based on an El Nino forming.  

With that, here's some New Age nature-y mood music featuring an electric harp player...

You can see a live version of the "Down to the Moon" album here

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