Tuesday, June 24, 2014

CNN goes to bat for IRS commish

CNN headline: "Top IRS official beats back Republican barrage". 

The story is a glowing portrait of the Democratic fix-it man, who formerly took over Fannie Mae after the financial crash.  Now he's facing the grilling of Congress, mainly from the GOP, over the IRS targeting scandal and CNN frames its coverage as that of a grizzled vet 'beating back' the Republican attack.  

But take a look at Gowdy's questioning of this man, which shows an entire exchange and see if you think the CNN article accurately portrays the situation..

Gowdy is making a solid case that Eric Holder should appoint a special prosecutor to determine whether laws were broken (assuming the FBI is no longer on the case).   This clip also shows what's so great about Gowdy.  Arrogant SOBs come in front of him, hear the southern accent and see the wild haircut and think "what a goofball, I got this guy".  By the time it's over they are left saying "who is this guy and WTF just happened?"  

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