Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Finding a way back to Iraq

Some say the POTUS is dithering on his decision-making on Iraq.  To be fair, it must be a vexing political problem for him, using high level calculus to grind out an entrance strategy that looks like an exit strategy all while blaming Bush, as innocent Arabs continue to drop, sometimes head first.  Let's consider..

1)  Obama called Iraq a dumb war and one of the worst foreign policy mistakes ever.  That sets up a huge conundrum both politically and practically should he go back into Iraq with even a tiny force (his only real option) and it doesn't reverse anything or reduce the terrorists.  As time goes by there's only so far he can go in blaming the previous CinC.

2)  If he goes in with air power people will question why he didn't bomb Syria, although to be fair he would have been bombing Assad, the opponent of ISIS.   He will say this is about protecting national security, therefore we are pinpointing the AQ-related factions only.  But they were in Syria, gaining strength, and he did nothing.   Ignored is a better term.

3)  ISIS is still in Syria.  Some of the military toys we sold Maliki are now on the road into Syria to help fight Assad.  Will Obama now have to applaud Assad if his air force knocks out a few ISIS columns?   Will Obama be compelled to bomb ISIS in Syria after Iraq, especially if they retreat in that direction?  If so, will Assad applaud him? 

4)  If even one American troop gives the ultimate sacrifice in Iraq will Obama be participating in a dumb war?   Or will that sacrifice be about protecting America from the menace of AQ? 

5)  If Obama fails to do anything at all can it be said he's not protecting America from a growing AQ army?  

6)  Since Izzat al-Duri and other former Saddam regime dead enders (Cheney deserves scorn for that) are reportedly participating with ISIS (most likely trying to use them as useful idiots as Saddam always tried to do) does that mean that Baathists are perfectly willing to work with AQ to reach their goals?  It appears yes.  So does that mean the same concept was in force in 2001, before the dumb war?  

7)  If God forbid a terrorist attack occurs in America or one of our interests as this is going on, does Obama then need to escalate the new dumb war in Iraq?  

Good luck to him figuring this out.   Odds are he'll continue playing the waiting game to see if the ISIS people run out of gas while hoping a new story hits the news cycle that takes away attention.  Word is that Wiki Leaks has a bombshell coming out Thursday, so we'll see.   


Debbie said...

Nothing seems to 'stick' to Obama, if we have another attack they will push it under the rug, blame Bush, Cheney, Republicans,.... But a few of his faithful seem to be concerned over the IRS emails. Just a few.

It was sickening to watch all the glad-handing after the IRS hearing yesterday. That guy was so condescending and unapologetic, yet the Libs were shaking his hand, praising him, after the hearing.

I'm guessing you saw this:

Report: How Iran’s Spy Chief Paid For Benghazi Attack

Right Truth

A.C. McCloud said...

No, I had not seen that Debbie. Very interesting. It makes a little sense if we can assume Ansar isn't a group that cares about Syria and only wanted the US out of eastern Libya.