Sunday, June 08, 2014

Empowering the Terrorists

Despite all the blather about the 21st century coming from the administration and their various cheerleaders nobody seems to have noticed that the Taliban has yet to emerge from the 7th century.  They remain a barbaric pack of fundamental nutcakes who really have no country.  They once acted as Usama bin Laden's personal protection army, which assisted him in pulling off 9/11, and are proud of it.

But we are told the Taliban is different than AQ.  They didn't actually attack us, we invaded them.  We went to Afghanistan to fight AQ, not the Taliban.   Strange though, the de facto leader of AQ, Ayman Zawahiri, sometimes known as Abu Dangerfield, has asked for Taliban figures along with his own jihadists in return for their captured hostage Warren Weinstein (the man most of America has never heard about). Wonder if any of those Taliban guys Zawahiri wanted were included in Obama's swap?

At any rate, Congressman Mike Rogers says the swap elevated the status of this barbaric cult army, and indeed it did.  That's one of the main reasons America had a policy of not negotiating with terrorists--at least publicly--to avoid placing the terrorists on the same level as us.   In truth Bergdahl was no POW, that requires the Taliban being seen as a legitimate government with a legitimate army.  No, he was a captured hostage held by terrorists, just like Weinstein, just like Daniel Pearl, just like Nick Berg.  But the administration has admitted that they want to legitimize these barbarians because they are important as a 'part of any future Afghanistan' in the 'reconciliation' process.   And that's what losing a war in the 21st century looks like.   

By the by, a couple of recent observations.

1.  Did the Taliban guys take up yoga in the big house?  If so, why should anyone believe they actually liked it?  After all, we are being told that anything traitorous that Bergdahl might have done could be dismissed on the account of Stockholm Syndrome and Bee Gees Syndrome (Stayin Alive). So maybe the Talibani headchoppers took up yoga to make themselves look harmless to the various brains running the government so they could go back home.

2.  We are getting leaks about Bergdahl from the VA hospital facility providing him quality affordable health care.   One, he doesn't like being addressed as "Sargeant".  That says something.  Two, he claims to have been kept in a box after trying to escape, which sort of confirms the Fox New James Rosen story from Dewey Clarridge that outraged so many on the left. 

3.  A band of 'militants', also known as 'gunmen', attacked the Karachi International Airport today.  Fortunately these militants, their motives completely unknown and unimaginable, didn't destroy any aircraft, according to the AP.  Except the one they did.  For those in the Kardashian set who've stumbled onto this blog by mistake (and are amazingly still reading), Karachi is in Pakistan--or you may know it as Pockeeston in Obamaspeak.  Evidently these militant gunmen had machine guns and RPGs and at least one suicide bomber.  Hmm, who could they be?  Franciscan Monks?  Maybe Hare Krishnas.  Hey, it was at an airport.   

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