Sunday, November 02, 2014

Politics of Fear Again

On cue, right before an election. 

The mainstreamers are all highlighting an IPCC assessment heralding more gloom and doom if we don't dump western civilization now.   They link to a report stating things might already be irreversible (most of them using the same smokestack images of the coal-fired Plant Scherer in Georgia except CNN, who used Polar Bears).  John Kerry says climate change is like a WMD.  Evidently set off by us.     

OK, no change here, the same drill applies--these reports are issued, the politicians react, the mainstreamers cover it, then the politics of fear is distributed down through the web by like-minded sites.  Here's global warming site "Tck, Tck, Tck" (the global call for climate action) highlighting the scary assessment with a screen shot which they helpfully provide at the end ("infographic to share")...

So this site distributes a graphic of the "People's Climate March", a rally organized in part by.... communists.  Who are telling us to kill western civilization by ending fossil fuels now.  The same fossil fuels used by a majority of the participants to get to the rally.  

The real scare remains the same: leftist organizations and politicians trying to use AGW to achieve an end that has nothing to do with science.  If the movement cannot dump the political opportunists they'll never convince a majority of anyone about anything other than their quest is a carefully concealed socialist plot that will conveniently line the pockets of the organizers. 

At the same time those pushing back--and there needs to be pushback--should be careful to do so with science and logic, not just rhetoric.   There is some evidence humans have impacted the global temperature, insofar as it's possible to measure the global temperature accurately, so blanket statements refuting the issue because it snowed somewhere or because the global temperatures haven't warmed in 15 years are not helpful either and make the right look like a bunch of bumpkins

This should be a non-partisan issue relevant to all human beings.  After all, if we are impacting global temperatures in any serious way there will be impacts.  But it appears we may not be capable of any rational discussion on it, largely due to how the left has co-opted the issue and lied about it using their ends justify means tactics, which has triggered an often wild-eyed reply by the right.  We all deserve better.   

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