Saturday, November 15, 2014

Side Tracks

Last week I stumbled across broadcaster/lawyer (and Messianic Jew) Jay Sekulow's band.  Nothing new to some people, but new to me as I don't listen to a lot of radio anymore.  Players include former Head East and Petra lead singer John Schlitt and former Kansas vocalist John Elfante, who took over after the initial departure of Steve Walsh in the early 80s.  Here's a recent song they cut about ISIS...


Not to get too political on the music post, but the kind of evil they sing of, currently displayed by ISIS, was actually the same kind of evil displayed by the Saddam regime.  This should not be surprising with former regime elements helping to organize it using an Islamist face.  Nothing new under the sun, but civilized mankind has always had to fight it in some form or another. 

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