Sunday, November 30, 2014

Days of Thumpings Past

Actually "thumping" was a Bush term to describe his mid-term loss in 2006; Obama prefers "shellacked", but thumping just worked better in the title.

So what am I rambling about?

Every so often it's interesting to check the stat counter to see why people have actually stumbled onto this blog.  Doing the analysis doesn't take very long, there's not much data to peruse, but sometimes it can bring enlightenment.  Not the George Harrison type, the political type.

For instance, someone recently hit a 2010 post entitled "A Birther Thread".  The post wasn't an endorsement of birtherism, just observations of why the left was suddenly churning up birther stories at a particular time in 2010.   I offer this:
Perhaps they want to move the dialog back towards crazy as the new GOP House enters on duty next week. We know there are some congressmen who are birthers. Time will tell how far this goes or whether they attempt to smear the entire caucus by association, which could tell us something about Obama's feelings on working with Boehner and company in general. Marginalizing them on the front end doesn't really signal bi-partisanship.
Indeed, here's Abercrombie--someone present when Obama, Sr. was bamboozling Stanley Ann into producing Obama, Jr.--talking about the strategy he wants Obama to pursue in 2011:
Seeking consensus doesn't mean rolling over, Abercrombie said. The governor is among those calling for a more combative style from Obama, saying the president needs to resurrect Harry Truman's "give them hell" approach.
So you have that.
In other words, no more than a month after Obama got his first mid-term shellacking of 2010 his minions were doing the same thing they did after 2014's shellacking-- starting a fight. They threw a bunch of feces on the wall trying to marginalize the victory and tear apart the new GOP caucus with a wedge issue. Sound familiar?  Hopefully somebody was taking notes.

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