Monday, November 17, 2014

Who's Leaking to CNN?

CNN today covered the rambling conspiracy letters recently sent by the so-called 20th hijacker Zacarias Moussaoui to a federal judge offering to spill his guts about Saudi involvement in the 9/11 attacks.  Feel free to peruse more details from Peter Lance and  Pamela Geller.

The weird thing about the CNN interview is towards the end the anchor mentioned the 28 pages of a Senate report that some in Congress want to declassify and release, evidently because it backs up the idea of Saudi involvement in 9/11.  But the reporter also said this..
...also some people say the 28 pages in fact, really show a much tighter relationship between the Saudi Royal Family and George W. Bush..
Can anyone imagine a CNN report where the expert notes at the end that "some people say that Obama used a fake social security number", even in a half-serious manner?  Yeah.

Nevertheless, the fact she mentioned this stuff about Bush means somebody leaked it or it would have never reached the air.  Such stuff is not just invented out of whole cloth, even at CNN.  Since the Obama folks have treated leaking classified material as a crime worse than violating the Constitution maybe Holder will spring into action and take down the Congresscritter who did this heinous thing.  Whoops, digression.  Sorry.

CNN's report linked Moussaoui's claims with the 28 pages, so the timing is interesting.  It's also interesting Moussaoui would namedrop Ramzi Yousef and accuse him of sending a goon to rough him up persuade him not to tattle on the House of Saud, considering that Yousef was supposed to be a fellow traveler with Saudi exile Usama bin Laden just like his uncle KSM.   Exile, you know, pushed forth into the wilderness.  No longer wanted.  Persona non gratis.

Yet for some reason we're supposed to believe Yousef was working for the Sauds all along, or least loved them enough to protect them, all while bin Laden constantly demonized them.  Or was UBL working for them, too?

Well, ole Zacarias certainly has something to gain from fibbing AND telling the truth--he wants a warmer cell and pest control.  He's also been diagnosed with mental problems, but most suicide bombers might also qualify, besides, such people are still capable of occasional lucid thought even if their lucid thoughts do not include a realization that nothing will help their miserable prison existence because there will be no deals made with terrorists ever.  At least the ones already locked up.  Presumably (hey with the current CinC one never says never).   

Peter Lance points to a Reuters article that claims his letter writing didn't start until he saw a Fox News story about a verdict against several Arab banks by 9/11 families a few months ago, prompting him to contact their lawyers and volunteer info.  Whether he knew about the 28 page redaction story is unknown--maybe those lawyers told him when they interviewed him last month at the prison--but it's possible he did and felt like it was the right time to make a move while the story was still warm. 

Whatever, it might serve to remember that Moussaoui once said this before his prison days..
"The Prophet says, 'war is deceit,' " Moussaoui later told prosecutor Robert Spencer. "You're allowed to lie for jihad. You're allowed any technique to defeat your enemy."
And what a lie that would be--placing a big fat wedge in the West's relationship with the Gulf States just as the 28 pages wait impatiently in the wings with leaks dribbling out left and right.   A big lie about Prince Turki, et al would line up very well with Bin Laden's stated goal to remove the Arab monarchies, so nobody should discount the idea this entire thing, including the reported goon being sent by Yousef, is a lie for jihad.

If it's not--and the US should know because we nabbed a lot of UBL's thumb drive collection in Pakistan--then some big time dog poop is going to hit the international fan.  But will Obama let it?  Maybe he could tie this to the Ferguson Grand Jury release and his coming Royal Dictates legalizing illegal aliens and go for the sheer bedlam play.  But chances are there is something in those 28 pages that will hurt him as well or they would have been on the street long ago.   

Also wondering, is there any reason Moussaoui requested to go to Oklahoma City to tell his story?   He did go to flight school there.  Something else happened there as well.  What else?   How about they release the letters, verbatim, so we can see.

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