Monday, December 22, 2008

Another First Golfer

Obama hit the links today on his Hawaiian vacation, playing all 18 holes with three unnamed partners. When quizzed by the press on his play 'at the turn' (from the first nine to the second) he remarked:
"I'm not that good."
Hmm. His swing position looks pretty good. Perhaps he's a bit modest. Whatever the case, it's nice to know we have yet another Commander-in-Chief who knows how to spoil a good walk. And quite fittingly, he's a lefty.

For some reason this wasn't an issue before the election. Although some wondered about his hobbies--and his golfing exploits were actually reported both before and after his nomination--most of the focus was on his passion for hoops.

Maybe it was something to do with golf's elitist reputation. JFK kept his passion hidden (for golf) while Bush got in trouble for saying he'd given up the game in light of the war. Ford was mocked for years on his horrible swing, while both Nixon and Clinton were rumored to be somewhat liberal with their scoring.

With so many problems facing the country and golf's reputation it's likely Obama won't be playing much more so hopefully he can enjoy these last few rounds.

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