Monday, December 29, 2008

One More on Saltsman

Since the "controversy" is still roiling here are some further comments in addition to the previous comments.

We should not forget that, 1) both Gingrich and Duncan, vocal critics of Saltsman, are in competition with him for RNC chair. 2) Liberals have only recently gained the spirit of bi-partisanship except with Bush and Cheney, who are still being blasted on their way out the door, just like every single day these past eight years except Christmas and New Years, 3) there were 41 songs on the CD but only one has been highlighted (that one about Barack in Wright's church sung to Dr John was pretty good). And 4) Who leaked the gift to "The Hill" and why?

Whether Mr. Saltsman should apologize is entirely up to him. He might benefit from it in the long run but it's unclear exactly to whom he should apologize--so far it seems like the main groups taking offense are white GOP party members and white liberals.

The bigger story continues to be the blame game and genuflection from GOP strategists and bigwigs, many still holding their asses in their hands from the November massacre. Here's a clue for 'em--if they think morphing into quasi-Democrats to attract new customers will gin up the base, think McCain. Then think again. How about selling the philosophy like Reagan did while getting the house in order?

If the strategy is to attract new members by dangling taxpayer funded goody bags instead of selling them on the merits then you might as well offer free toasters. Although those Palin calendars might help...

Or perhaps persuade the Blackwells, Watts, Jindals, Caos and Steeles, or even our own Andrew Clarksenior here in Memphis, to speak out--not in support of Saltsman--but in support of why they became conservatives and why being conservative shouldn't require a default skin color. They would get more attention in a position of influence, like RNC Chair for example.

MELTDOWN 12/29/08

Wow, what got into AJ Strata's egg nog? Wow. I really think he needs to sit down, take a stress pill, and think things over. That's apparently what the GOP hierarchy is going to do, calling an emergency session or somesuch, presumably to brainstorm on how to save the GOP by attracting minority non-racist voters. Here's some quick and dirty suggestions for the group: announce the names of all their black friends; distribute a Chris Rock CD; practice as a group making the uber cool Obama hand gesture; chant 'we shall overcome'; make a video of Saltsman stomping on the Rebel flag with William Ayers. Your suggestions are most welcome!

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