Monday, December 01, 2008

Frosty Sameness

Much is being made of Obama's 'centrist' cabinet picks as not being very representative of the change he promised to bring to Washington politics. If you'll recall, that fairy tale notion sucked in a lot of people, incluinding this dude:

Was he really expecting O to pick of Hillary Clinton as part of the new change, along with half the Clinton Justice Dept? Especially after the level of dung flung on the primary trail:

There would appear to be no scenario imaginable where Obama would have picked this woman for anything more than White House dishwasher if he didn't absolutely have to, so we must assume backroom deals to peel off rivals and secure nominations are part of the sunshiny new change we can believe in. Yes, yes, I know, Obama is the change. Guess all those advisers better get used to hearing "no we can't", since the change will only come from the top.

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