Thursday, December 04, 2008

A Poll by any Other Name

A new CNN poll is rather interesting, beginning with this:
"In addition, roughly half the public thinks that the U.S. is winning in Iraq, but six in 10 say that America's losing in Afghanistan," adds Holland.
Harry Reid must be crushed, although admittedly the data is coming from the stink brigade. CNN's overall premise is that their poll responders still support Obama's campaign pledge to move troops to where the real war is (and send bin Laden to hell) even if Obama himself seems averse to that now that he's seen some real intelligence reports. But the public is hooked on a feeling and high on believin'..
A vast majority of Americans, 79 percent, also appear to be confident that Obama will improve foreign relations, with 74 percent confident he'll improve economic conditions and 68 percent optimistic about Obama keeping the country safe from terrorism.
The same public said this:
And in a sign that Obama is enjoying a honeymoon with Americans right now, 64 percent of those polled approve of how he handled the terrorist attack in India. That's 15 points higher than President Bush scored in the survey, even though Obama made clear during the crisis that there can be only one American president at a time and that he was deferring to Bush when it came to any American response.
In other words, 64 percent approved of Obama's statement. Not sure exactly what the 51 percent who said Bush didn't handle it well were expecting other than a statement, unless they wanted him to announce more troops would be moved to Afghanistan, or that Pakistan would be sent back to the stone age. Or India. It's just hard to say.

Actually, such schitzophrenia almost tends to support crackpot theories about the Illuminati spraying us with brain-altering substances via "chemtrails" from commercial airplanes. Almost.


Anonymous said...

Obama promised to "bring the troops home" Well...good to his word...Welcome to your new home in Afghanistan!

A.C. McCloud said...

He promised to bring 3 new brigades to Afghan at the same time, anon. Do you not believe we should be fighting there?