Friday, November 26, 2010

Bits and Pieces

Obama's Kenyan granny Sarah started out the presidential campaign as a 'non-practicing Muslim'. Then she morphed into a Christian around the time Obama was nominated. Then after his election she apparently re-converted into a practicing Muslim who recently attended the Hajj and prays that our current president will one day convert himself. Well at least that means he isn't a Muslim. Whew! Or is he?


Fed Ex is looking for a shipment of radioactive material apparently lost in transit.
Munoz says as long as no one tries to open the metal container, the rods do not pose a danger.
Well, that's a nice warm fuzzy considering the news of late.


Considering what's going on in Korea why isn't this famous picture enough evidence to forever condemn communism as a viable political system?

Yet guys like Bill Ayers, the washed up terrorist turned professor who hardly knew Obama according to 'fightthesmears', still calls himself a 'small-c communist'. In other words, it's only the corrupt rulers who fall short in their attempts to manage the system, not the system itself. Maybe that's why they lied about Ayers.

Of course, if the following picture is the only face of capitalism then it's no wonder some of our utopian dreamers dream of a land of equal equality (run by them)...

Look at those silly women. Now, if that was a sale on 60 inch LEDs...completely justifiable.

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