Friday, November 19, 2010

Maybe This... why they are frisking grandma. From the story about the time bomb discovered on the German airliner in Namibia:
Mr. Copello confirmed that his company, Larry Copello Inc., a maker of security testing products, had made and sold the device found in Namibia.

“Somebody had purchased it from me a few years ago,” he said, and then in a later interview clarified it might have been as long as four or five years ago. His grandmother, he said, assembled the simulated bomb.
The story says the man who sold the device is 64. He says the device was built by his grandmother. Wait, his grandmother? Just what kind of BS are they feeding us?!?!!! If the CIA was not involved in this caper it would be shockingly shocking.

By the way, speaking of bombs on airplanes, isn't about past time for someone on the far left to show their consistency and claim the PETN printer/toner bombs found on the cargo flights a few weeks ago (and now being used by TSA to increase the pat-downs) were phony and probably planted by the White House to foster the further pillaging of Muslim countries for oil? Oh, right..

Hey, everyone knows this is serious business but it's Friday and a little levity never hurts. This is from a Japanese comedy show..

Itte kimasu, everyone.

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