Monday, November 01, 2010

The Sum of all Fear

I'm an enemy of the POTUS. Actually an enemy via extension--anyone who's an enemy of the Latino is an enemy worthy of punishment according to our leader, and he's urged them to take out their wrath against their enemies at the voting booth. Will it matter?

All the professional pollsters have long ago given the mid-terms to the GOP. It's a pre-landslide landslide. But wait--nothing is official until the Diebolds have been scanned. Are we sure the pollsters have accurately factored in the felons, illegals, dead people and double voters? What if they are wrong? What would punishment look like?

Will we be targeted with drones (we are, after all, the enemy) or just have the amnesty bill rubbed in our faces like playground bullies or sanctimonious UN bureaucrats? Or will seeing the smug faces of Keith Olbermann and Jon Sanity Stewart be enough punishment?

Mm. Try to imagine a Democrat victory. After all the hoopla it would be called the biggest surprise of the century--Truman beating Dewey again. All they need do is hold the House by a thread to qualify. The mainstreamers would be practically orgasmic for weeks or even months on end. Obama would be held up as the greatest president of all time, the man who pulled victory from the jaws of the evil Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck. He may even have to cut short his Asian mystery tour to come back home and bask in some glow.

Meanwhile every pundit would immediately be predicting the GOP's demise using the following logic--"if they can't win this one, when can they ever win?" etc. It would be a bloodbath. The narrative would have every GOP candidate as diminished, even those who won.

Sure the pollsters' reputations would be part of that bloodbath but all would be forgotten soon--they are just pollsters. Sure, there would be challenges in races across the nation to save face or to actually combat fraud but those too would wind down as the holiday season approaches.

After all, if the Justice Dept won't prosecute New Black Panthers standing in front of voting stations holding billy clubs there's no reason to believe they'd pursue much in this scenario either. And there would be very little pressure on them from the ecstatic mainstream media. Fox News would try but they would be fighting irrelevancy as the invigorated media would be on a crusade to ostracize them into the dustbin of history via 'media reform'. Same with talk radio--the louder they cried foul the bigger target they would become.

Meanwhile Obama, with the new 'mandate' in his pocket, would be like Karl Marx on a shopping spree with confiscated money from the bourgeoisie. Imagine the change to come.

Granted, Halloween was yesterday. This horror story outcome for the right is not liable to occur with the mood of the country. But if you've actually read this far you might consider it a reminder to do your civic duty tomorrow. After all, as Yogi Berra once said, it ain't over til they get at least a 5 percent margin of victory.


Well, no matter what happens tomorrow it's comforting to know that at least some sanity was restored in DC this past weekend...

Just couldn't pass up the embed (for easy reference in the future, if nothing else).


Debbie said...

Haven't you heard about all the TEA party people now acting like Black Panthers? They were so scary the Black Panthers had to be called in to protect voters! Yes, the votes are not counted yet and who know what kind of shady stuff will go on, how many votes won't get counted or the voting machines (maintained by SEIU) switch votes...

Right Truth

A.C. McCloud said...

That's why I hope Rasmussen is correct and it's a wipe out- it kind of negates all the cheating.