Sunday, November 21, 2010

Tax Code Talkers

Anyone else amused at the political parlance used by the Democrats and their media lapdogs in describing the current federal tax code ? They keep saying "the Bush tax cuts", as if all legislation is named after presidents.

Wondering--if stupidity reigns in the lame duck and the Dems allow the current tax code to sunset will they insist on calling the new rates "the Clinton tax increases"? After all, Bill Clinton signed that massive tax increase in 1993 that led to "the Bush tax cuts" in 2001. Technically the country will be reverting to those rates, so will they call a spade a spade?

Or if that characterization catches on will the Dems get huffy and insist on the media calling them the "George HW Bush read my lips no new taxes tax increases increased again by Clinton who later had a budget surplus"? Hmm. But that might tick off the GOP, who might demand they be renamed "the Ronald Reagan tax cuts that lead to ballooning prosperity later torched by HW Bush and bombed to the moon by Clinton, later cut back to sanity by Bush 43 but now increased again by Pelosi tax increases"? It could get confusing.

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