Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Art of Doing Something

Here's the Commander-in-Chief saying something about Libya on March 3:

According to AP it was an "unmistakeable message" to "leave".

Today's news.. Gaddafi told rebels to leave (he's always one for irony). Meanwhile Obama filled out his bracket.

Not sure if the "My Pet Goat" analogy is apt here--perhaps Obama fashions himself a master of Sun Tzu or maybe he's Taoist--but at some point the master has to frigging do something. Quedaffy has the best thug army oil money can buy and the dead citizens he's mown down are still dead, with more to come. With each passing day a no fly zone sounds more ridiculous.

If the cwazy colonel crushes the rebellion he'll either revert to the Moammar of old, the one who once produced WMDs (hey--know thine enemy), or perhaps something worse--he'll dangle the oil contracts and leverage the fecklessness, forcing the west to endure more embarrassing moments like this one. Surely Obama's strategery is close to popping any minute now.

MORE 3/16/11

Some called this guy "Clueless Clapper" after his first major experience with the major media; is anyone willing to bet against him now?
James Clapper, the director of US national intelligence, told the Senate armed services committee “the regime will prevail”, forcing the White House into an embarrassing damage control exercise.

“With respect to the rebels in Libya, and whether or not they will succeed or not, I think frankly they’re in for a tough row,” he said, adding the momentum had shifted to Col Gaddafi.
The same guy once said Saddam's remaining WNDs might have gone to Syria.


Anonymous said...

I don’t see as much clairvoyance as I do self-fulfilling prophesy. I don’t wish to demean Clapper at all, but even Bonzo could predict what the Obama administration is likely to do given (fill in the blank) set of circumstances. It would be amazingly similar to how Jimmy Carter reacted to international incidents designed to test his mettle: Nothing.

How does one go wrong under those circumstances? Not even Las Vegas bookmakers can get any odds on what this administration is likely to do.

A.C. McCloud said...

Maybe the headline here is more "Clapper tells truth, has yet to be thrown under bus". Of course, he can't be tossed if he's right--that would require a completely bogus reason for his demise, something even the clueless press could get a scent on..