Thursday, March 24, 2011

To Syria and Beyond?

The problem with going to war, oops, kinetic military operations, against countries who are not directly threatening America, just shooting their own people, is drawing a line. Where do we stop? CNN is reporting that 15 people (some say 100) were mowed down by Syrian government forces for the crime of protesting their government, including a soldier who refused to fire on his own people. Do the Syrian protesters not deserve kinetic protection from the UN/NATO going forward? How about the Yemenis? Or Ethiopian Christians being terrorized by Muslims? If not, why not? Someone needs to explain this.

Meanwhile, days have turned into a week but Gaddafi isn't a tough guy, he won't last much longer once we cut the supply lines to his hired killer army. The new face of the world Ban Ki-moon, perhaps sensing this or perhaps realizing how fuzzy everything seems, has spoken. The face hiding from the world, Obama, has not, at least publicly.

Holed up in the White House all day? Perhaps he spent the time giving NATO or the French some pointers. Or maybe he got some pointers on his putting. Or perhaps it's the other way around--perhaps he was told to sit tight and await further instructions from Ban Ki--after all, he was locked out of the Oval Office today without a key. Ban, ki, -- a warning! Though it's more likely he was drafting the "look, I did war better than Bush" victory speech.


Debbie said...

Truth is, according to generals on Fox, nothing will change. The US will still be leading, still be doing what they have been doing, except under the control of the AMERICAN attached to NATO.

Also Obama said no troops on the ground. According to generals, we have troops on the ground and have had for some time. Many are not in uniform though, special forces, painting targets, etc. Let's hope none of them get captured

Right Truth

A.C. McCloud said...

I don't have problems with troops on the ground there--I should hope so. But Obama is a dope if he thinks he can play this game in our modern world, too many sources of info to cover that stuff up anymore.

Which is why he should go on TV Monday, say hi to the peeps, and say, "hell with it, sorry I demagogued Bush for taking out Saddam. I did it to get elected. It worked. Now we need to take out this other tyrant who was on the verge of massacring his own people in Benghazi, and has murdered 400 people on commercial airliners and scores of others. We are going to take his ass out, personally. I might go over there myself and suit up. Peace, out".

Imagine his ratings!

LASunsett said...

//"To Syria and Beyond?"//

Sounds chilling, yet it's still not the final frontier. But... it will get them well on their way.

Once they get Saudi Arabia surrounded, they will force it to crumble and then Mecca will be theirs.....and the oil that goes with it.

Hope and change.