Friday, March 11, 2011

Rummy Files, II

Yeah, ignoring all the union brouhaha--it's only going to get worse and spread, but you'll get it elsewhere. Just biding time browsing around in Don Rumsfeld's archive of documents at and came across this quote, from Saddam's state news agency:
"We will chase [Americans] to every corner at all times. No high tower of steel will protect them against the fire of truth."

Chief of lraai Intelligence In a Cable to Saddam, Baghdad Radio, February 8, 1991
Just sayin'. There's also this doc, a rumination about possible post 9/11 strategies that might surprise a few.

MORE 3/11/11

What an amazing coincidence:
It was a routine call for Quincy police about two homeless men fighting. Hussain Al-Hussaini was arrested. The victim was taken to the hospital.

Then came the surprise. Readers commenting on a story about Wednesday’s arrest on The Patriot Ledger’s website noted that a man with the same name was mentioned prominently in a book about the deadly bombing of an Oklahoma City federal building in 1995
While I've never been too hot on Jayna Davis' investigation of the Murrah bombing (some seems contrived or forced to fit, and why would her prime suspect still be in America) it might be interesting fodder for a hearing. If Hussein al-Husseini really was a former member of the Iraqi Army or the Republican Guard doesn't that make his pre-bombing dabblings with McVeigh just a tad bit suspicious? Davis claims he was employed, along with other Iraqi immigrants, by a Pakistani real estate mogul who had spent time in the federal pen for fraud. McVeigh was a Gulf War vet who had soured on America.

If we take Saddam's various warnings about striking America to heart isn't plausible to think he might have sent some 'individual Arabs' to enact revenge, not only for the Gulf War, but for Clinton's 1993 bombing of his Mukhabarat HQ in Baghdad (presumably for the plot to kill Bush 41)? That was a government building as well, containing security personnel--just like the Murrah. Arabs love them some revenge, and Saddam was the revenge king.

Both Stephen Jones, McVeigh's attorney, and Richard Clarke, our former counter-terrorism czar believe that Terry Nichols bombs improved after his trips to the Philippines. Neither are considered 'neocons'. Nichols visited the same city where Ramzi Yousef, Abu Sayyaf and other Islamic terrorists were known to hang, about the time they were hanging. He bought a life insurance policy and left final instructions before his last trip. What was he afraid of? Is this the real reason Bush attacked Iraq? What's wrong with having a public investigation of this as we did with 9/11? I guess I just can't let this stuff go.


Debbie said...

I can't let this stuff go either. I always thought Jayna Davis ideas were interesting, I didn't read the book, just excerpts. No Richard Clark is no neocon for sure.

The thing is, just when we think we know what a bad guy would do, they end up doing the opposite.

Right Truth

A.C. McCloud said...

I don't mean to run down Davis, I haven't read her book either, but she seemed a bit too zealous at times in reading some of her work. She may well be right. It's certainly odd the FBI let the Muslim connection angle drop, but then again, Clinton would have had to do something about it if there was any 'there' there and the election was coming up.

I really wonder what Dick Morris knows about some of this stuff.