Sunday, March 13, 2011


I don't know anything about nuclear power or the physics of radioactive fallout. But if it can be carried long distances by upper level Stratospheric winds then these wind forecast charts showing a 'zonal' or west-east flow of the jetstream across the Pacific don't look so good. Found this German site showing what appears to be a plume forecast. Most of the plumes don't reach North America, though, at least out through a week.

We have to wonder if sites like "" advising west coasters to eat lots of brown rice to combat radiation sickness are reasonable or just stoking fear and panic. My guess--and it's just a guess--is that there's no big cause for alarm in North America, at least right now. After all, if the Commander-in-Chief is out playing golf things can't be all that bad.


Anonymous said...

I’m not an expert either, but I know the US received significant exposure to radioactive material following the incident at Chernobyl. I think there is corroborating evidence indicating a subsequent spike in some forms of cancer—and our government kept this very quiet, of course. But in reality, do any of us live forever? Stuff happens, and we all endeavor to do the best we can. Who thinks there is anything completely safe? If we think that, we are morons. If we become afraid of nuclear power because of events in Japan, then we are moronically pathetic.

I read something today, posted by an idiot, who suggested before we begin feeling empathy for the Japanese, we ought to remember what happened at Pearl Harbor. What a slug ... and probably one who wasn't even alive during the war. And it was war, by the way. So let us recall that Pearl Harbor suffered 2,402 deaths. I anticipate thousands of deaths in Japan when the counting is done—none of whom ever had anything to do with World War II.

My heart goes out to the Japanese who cannot seem to get a break; I’m glad our military is reaching out to help.

Debbie said...

The company line seems to be there is no danger to US West coast, or Hawaii, or Alaska... Let's hope they are right.
Right Truth

A.C. McCloud said...

Well said, Mustang. Of course, the government could never get away with "well suckers, you're gonna die anyway, so suck it up...".

What's amazing to me is how organized and calm the people appear to be.