Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Connecting Dots

This is the Noodles video (HT Debbie) where Wisconsin protesters advocate a socialist revolution ending capitalism in its present form, including this confused young man..

And this is Bill Ayers, talking about capitalism..

Ayers most likely knew about Obama much earlier than advertised (despite Obama's handlers); likely sponsored his first political candidacy; and perhaps even ghost-wrote the book that got that career started. Rashid Khalidi, the Palestinian 'spokesman' who also lived in Obama's neighborhood along with Ayers, had no trouble admitting in his book that he shared his coffee table with the washed-up terrorist.

And Obama, talking about Wisconsin, recently said there was 'an assault on unions'. The same guy mocked Tea Party protesters and told Joe the Plumber he wanted to spread the wealth around. Since his shellacking last November he's allowed himself to be called the next Reagan.

What more needs to be said?


Debbie said...

Wasn't that Noodle's employee something else? I saw the video on the web, then on Glenn Beck and watched it a couple of other times after I posted it. It continues to make my mouth fly open. It I were one to cuss, I would certainly be doing it at this skull full of mush. And he votes.

As to Ayers, I'm sure you are correct.

Right Truth

A.C. McCloud said...

Obama is a perfect example of those leftists who believe they have to hide their ideology from the public to get into power.

At least this kid has the courage of his convictions. He might get fired from Noodles but he doesn't seem to care (or is clueless).