Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Did Hillary Know Something?

Remember this?
VAN SUSTEREN: You said some elements of the Pakistani government know where Usama bin Laden is?

CLINTON: I believe that.

VAN SUSTEREN: Why do you believe that?

CLINTON: I think that's because if I put myself into a position of leadership in our own government, and if there were a terrorist network operating somewhere, even in the most remote place in the United States, some sheriff, some local state policeman, somebody in our collective government would probably know that there was something suspicious going on.

So that's why I assume somebody, somebody in this government, from top to bottom, does know where bin Laden is. And I'd like to know too.

VAN SUSTEREN: Can't we leverage our money or anything to get that information? He's 6'5, not easy to hide.

CLINTON: We are leveraging it.

VAN SUSTEREN: Are we getting closer?

CLINTON: I don't want to put a proximity or timeline on it. As I've said, we have gotten closer because we have been able to kill a number of their trainers, their operational people, their financiers. We've been able to do that, so in that sense we've gotten closer. But I won't be satisfied until we get it done.
The interview was in July 2010, only a month before the dead bin Laden timeline says the CIA first came to Obama with the intel on Abbottobad. Was Hillary dropping a veiled threat on the order of "we are know he's there and we're tired of this double game and if you don't give him up we might just come grab him"? Did someone in the Pakistani government crack, or did we just call their bluff? Guess we'll have to wait for the book.


Anonymous said...

My sense of this is that Hillary was letting Osama know that we’re on to him, so if he’s going to put his property for sale, he ought to do it then (July 2010) rather than to wait until Obama announced the third collapse of Sallie Mae and Freddie Mac. Apparently, Osama wasn’t watching Greta that night. He must have been at the annual Lions Club dinner.

Debbie said...

Hillary has a different slant now, praising Pakistatn for their support.

If she knew anything then, she probably would not have said what she did. I figure she was just trying to put pressure on them then.

Who knows

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