Thursday, May 26, 2011

Falling for the Birth Certificate Again?

It's understandable why Jerome Corsi and WND would try to keep the birther story alive--book sales and page hits. Most everyone else has moved on except a few who've taken a closer look at the document on the White House web site and determined that hey, there may be some splainin' to do. The electronic version has layers...

When the BC document was released the official explanation from Hawaii was that the Obama administration had requested special permission to obtain a copy of the original BC (which was impossible only days before) and dispatched a staffer to Hawaii to pick up the copies and pay the fee. This form was subsequently copied and distributed to the press with an electronic copy placed on the White House web site. We were led to believe this document was purportedly a scan of the actual paper copy purchased in Hawaii.

So who made the copy with layers?

Corsi et al believe it's part of the secret Kenyan birth cover-up of course. Noted 9/11 truther Alex Jones has joined the fray by discussing this on his radio show with Corsi, who now claims The Donald recently called and pumped him for information. In other words, maybe Trump was really a Democrat operating under deep cover as a cat's paw for Obama by bringing up the issue. Or maybe he was just shilling for his boss at NBC, owned by GE. That would be a whole new level of sleaze for him, if so.

It's hard to blame the Hawaiians since their official site says they made copies and handed them to the Obama staffer. There was no mention of an electronic file being passed. Which would be suspicious anyway.

Was it the press? Not according to this guy. The AP was handed a copy and scanned it, and ergo, it doesn't have layers. So it was most likely a person in the administration. But why?

Maybe the copied document was hard to read. Maybe a White House IT person tried to avoid more conspiracies by 'cleaning up' the form in Adobe so the data was unambiguous. Of course they should have explained such a thing with the release, although it's understandable why they wouldn't. Besides, they knew anyone who further challenged the document would immediately be called a Fruit Loop racist, so maybe it didn't matter.

After all, if a document expert could determine the layers issue almost immediately the White House surely knew their 'clean up' would be discovered, causing more controversy. Which brings us the most likely explanation--the President of the United States authorized his staff to release a tampered document he knew would keep the birther flame going for the purposes of keeping the birther flame going. One never knows when one might need a convenient political tool or distraction.

Remember, Obama (or was it Ayers?) told us in "Dreams" that he had seen his own birth certificate, so he may still have it at home. Former Health Director Chiyome Fukina told Michael Isikoff she had also seen the form and it was 'half typed, half handwritten'. Were they removing or cleaning up the 'handwritten' part without changing anything? Or is the whole thing just a misunderstanding?

Whatever the case, Corsi and anyone on his bandwagon are possibly setting themselves up for yet another huge embarrassment if Obama indeed has another Trump card up his sleeve. No, that would not be very presidential but hey- he's a tough skinny kid from Chicago and dreams are on the line.


Anonymous said...

I have to admit that I found this an intriguing video; so much so, in fact, that I watched all four of them. Albert Renshaw has an amazing amount of technical expertise and, I think, he successfully injects a margin of doubt.

The only way to resolve this issue is through independent lab analysis. By now, however, we have no reason to believe Obama would ever agree to such a thing. By now, it probably doesn’t even matter because either the American people don’t care whether Obama is legally entitled to serve as president, or they recognize there is nothing they can do about it even if he is not so entitled.

Still, even if we assume that Albert is correct, that some information on the birth form was changed, no one has made the case that the changed information constitutes fraud. Changing “wife” to “none” does not alter the place where Obama was born. It is still interesting to imagine why anyone in the White House would go through the trouble of changing information on the birth certification though. But this one thing remains true: no matter where Obama was really born, he’s still a dope.

Debbie said...

I still think he war born in Kenya, but at this point we may never know and even if we did it's too late, he has already done so much damage. I hope Corsi and others don't give up the search.

Right Truth

A.C. McCloud said...

Well, knowing the track record and how Dems like to operate my best guess is they made the changes so they could arouse more suspicion, so they could later spring out more info and further embarrass the doubters. It's their MO. As stated, not very presidential but Obama has set a new bar on that in many areas.

As Mustang says this is going nowhere. Just imagine anyone in the White House press room even asking the question, and how it would be seen.