Sunday, May 01, 2011

F Trump

From Senator Lindsay to hell with free speech this is a war Graham on Fox News Sunday this morning:
"Most Americans don't want their president to go around saying the f-word"
What's the big effin' deal? Biden is only a heartbeat away.

As to the reporters' ball, once again the president finds it impossible to sit back with humility and let himself be roasted and instead decides to seize the event for to slam Trump and run a pseudo campaign commercial. Not that the Donald didn't deserve some scorn, but in public, from the president? With our fair and balanced media booing the Donald?

Geez, we know the reporters were last seen above ground in 2008 but how many Americans want a president who uses his bully pulpit literally to slice and dice 'enemies' while they're sitting in the room without voice, and sometimes at his own invite? Is that really better than saying the f word?

And does Trump really deserve such levels of ridicule from a man who advertised the most transparent presidency ever while in reality delivering one of the more secretive, while managing (via Trump) to turn any further curiosity about some of the still unanswered questions about his past (that those who booed Trump refuse to answer) into the ravings of partisan loons for his minions to devour? In fact, Obama's actions to date have made the rise of a Donald effing Trump possible, and most Americans should be concerned about that.

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