Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Obama Finally Takes a Position..

..and comes around to Dick Cheney's stance on gay marriage.   So which was gutsier, Cheney bucking most of the GOP conservative establishment or Obama deciding to stop pandering to blacks and moderates? 

No matter, it was a a gutsy call following Biden like that.  After all, gay troops are out there fighting for him!  Forward!!

BIG FNG DEAL  5/8/12

Everybody seems to be focused on Biden's big mouth leading to Obama finding his landing pad on the issue.  Maybe--we are talking about Joe.   But what's to say the entire thing wasn't scripted?  After all, Biden came out Sunday on an NBC program, mentioning an NBC sit-com as being transformative, which leads to Obama's revelation.   Why didn't Biden's comments in 2010 trigger an Obama revelation?   And c'mon, we already know the O favored gay marriage when he was loosely backed by the Democratic Socialists in 1996, so as Jon Stewart says, what did he evolve to?   Sounds like another orchestrated stunt designed to talk about something other than the economy and make Romney look like a neanderthal.

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