Saturday, December 15, 2012

Cultural Quick Fix

Once again unspeakable, mindless violence has visited the American psyche.  Evil manifested itself in a nerdy white guy to whom few paid much attention to--until the end.  It's been a common theme for awhile now but one few seem interested in exploring. 

Instead, everyone wants an instant blame and an instant cure.  We are an instant society.  In his first message on the event the president wept while wasting no time stealthily advocating more firearm restrictions.  In today's weekly address he reiterated this call, without giving specifics.  Protests are occurring outside the White House along with online petitions calling for tighter gun laws.  The evil perpetrator--the gun--has been fully charged and convicted. 

But while it's true we have easy access to firearms and a culture of violence in this country, where does this culture originate?  Is it coming from southern rednecks riding around with shotguns in their pickup trucks down here in Jesusland?  If one looks at the mass shootings this past year there are only a few in the rural south, one being a domestic issue, one being a process server and the other a racially motivated event.  Yet if there's anywhere in the nation people associate guns with culture, it's the south.   But if not the south, where?

Maybe if guns are going to get blamed and restricted they should also take a look at violent video games, online videos, and rap music permeating society, along with bounties in pro football, ultimate fighting, and ruthless reality-TV shows about competition and survival.    


Right Truth said...

Excellent point about the South. Most of the gun violence actually takes place in areas of the country where guns are banned.

Right Truth

A.C. McCloud said...

There have been some events in the south--they just stopped an Indian kid in Oklahoma from shooting up and bombing his school on Friday--but it doesn't seem as common down here. That's because it's not about guns.

But you can just see the administration, Bloomberger and others not wanting this crisis to go to waste. We are going to be stripped of many of our freedoms in a few decades. Maybe Americans are too stupid or irresponsible anymore to carry on a Republic.