Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Subject Matter Experts Head to White House

One might think that an invite to the White House for a TV network's entire evening lineup would warrant a few blog or news posts or news stories but alas, NBC is strangely quiet.  Huffington Post is jealous..
Bendery also reported that a White House spokesperson says the meeting was between President Obama and various “influential progressives” with the intent to “discuss the importance of extending the Bush middle-class tax cut.”
Notice the spokesperson didn't say "discuss extending...", they said "discuss the importance of..".  As if MSNBC pundits don't already know?  C'mon, they must get faxes from Chicago and DC daily!

One wonders if there might be some kind of transcript of this discussion available.  Or does this count as lefty revenge for Cheney's secret meeting with oil execs?  Anyway, like clockwork Sgt Schultz had Ms Frozen-smile on his show this evening who was tingling about yet another procedural trick the Dems are planning to pull in the name of bi-partisan cooperation in an effort to kick the GOP's ass off the game board.

Oh well, even if NBC is pretending nothing occurred (despite Drudge reporting it) Maddow will surely explain this clandestine affair in due course--we'll leave a link to her blog just in case.  Meanwhile it will be fun to watch the evolving coverage of this story on NBC News in the upcoming weeks.  It can't be any worse than their hatchet job on George Zimmerman.  

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