Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Portland Shooting and other Crazy Things

Welcome to upside down world.

So there's a random shooting at a mall--during Christmas shopping season--by this guy...

By the way, is that a keffiyeh he's wearing?  And yet, there no mention of possible terrorism.  The media scratches its collective head and says, "we may never know the motive".  Well hell, other than some kind of insane crazyperson justice there are a few other possibilities.  Perhaps he just saw the Mohammed video. 

Apparently we've reached a point where the media doesn't even bother quoting an FBI guy ensuring it wasn't connected to terrorism before an investigation has even begun anymore.   Now the media is perplexed because he had no apparent connection to the victims.  Yeah--just like the 9/11 hijackers, Major Hasan, Abdulmuttalab, Abdulhakim, Shehzad and almost all jihadists or highway serial killers.  But don't worry, evidently Barney and Andy up there in the Clackamas PD will be handling it.

MORE..  Jawa says "crazy guy".  Yessir, he's crazy regardless of whether he's a lone nut, lone sudden jihadist, lone wolf, lone hockey mask killer, lone mall killer, etc.   That fact has never been in question.  During the Clackamas Sheriff press conference the spokesman did address the terrorism angle--adamantly dismissing a report that the FBI had taken the lead on the case as a terrorism investigation. 

Other items--his birth name was not Roberts, he was raised by a woman named Roberts, no mentions of his father or background in the press reports so far.  Questions remaining would be who he reportedly stole the gun from and his ancestry.  It's looking like loser snap syndrome.  Not sure which is worse to consider for the future--sudden jihadists or nuts who for some reason can't just kill themselves in a stairwell without first trying to take out scores of others.     

Here's a headline for you...

"Tea Party protesters punch Democrat, tear down Center for American Progress tent".

Or how about this one...

"Andrew Breitbart declares a coming 'civil war'".

Yet we have the Crowder punchout and Hoffa, Jr. stories being covered a little differently.  You remember Hoffa, who once appeared at an Obama rally and said they had to 'take these son-of-a-bitches out' referring to the violent, gun-toting "Tea Baggers".     


Finally, Senator Robert Menendez allegedly had an illegal alien sex offender working for him in his office.   The stuff is now hitting the fan--perhaps delayed intentionally until after the election, which he won.  The illegal is in the process of being deported. 

Contrast that to Meg Whitman, who employed an illegal maid through an employment service.  The maid, possibly coerced by the Brown campaign into coming out in return for something, splashed herself all over the media and was likely instrumental in taking out Whitman's bid to become the California governor.  As far as is known that Maid, Nicky Diaz, is still in the country.   She was even honored at a 'gala'.  


Right Truth said...

I noticed how quickly they came out and announced absolutely no connection to terrorism. I did not notice the black/white/checked portion of his jacket, or scarf, whatever it is. Not sure if it is a keffiyeh. That would be very interesting. Might have to look for some other images, but this is the only one I've seen so far.

Interesting also that the media kept the illegal immigrant a secret until after the election...

Right Truth

A.C. McCloud said...

Leaning towards the disturbed young man who finally snaps syndrome. It sure looks like a Keffiyeh, though. Even if it is it doesn't mean there's an Islamic terror connection but as you say, they usually rush to dismiss it before they've even gone over the shooter's hard drive.

Again, it makes to difference to the victims. It's terrorism either way--one way nihilistic, the other religious. Same result.

LA Sunset said...

As always, we will hear that the crafted piece of metal is to blame. Never mind that it takes a life force or an energy force to make that inanimate object kill. It's beyond their comprehension and ability to realize this.

A.C. McCloud said...

Some guy recently went into a school and killed his father with a combination bow, after killing his father's girlfriend. No guns, same result.

I get the argument that you can take out more people quicker with an AR-15 than a revolver or a combo bow, but that's not addressing the problem. The problem is a sickness overtaking America. They like to talk about blowback--I think it's blowback from our degraded society.

The kid's mother apparently died in childbirth and his dad was a no-show. Raised by an aunt til 14, then out. I really think some of this stuff is 'America's chickens coming home to roost' from the open-love, anything goes social revolution. That sounds prudish I know, but we seem to be losing our support networks.