Sunday, December 16, 2012


Now that Susan Rice has withdrawn her name as future Secretary of State leaving John Kerry as the nominee it will be interesting to see if McCain, his BFF in the Senate, shows up on the Sunday shows with outrage over Benghazi.    After all, Hillary apparently fell and suffered a hip pointer and can't make it to testify this coming week--apparently not even in a wheelchair--so it would certainly seem that deals have been made in DC even if the fiscal cliff still looms.

What kind of deal?  Maybe none, but maybe one where the GOP agree not to pursue Benghazi (and whatever clandestine operation was blown there resulting in four deaths) in return for Obama picking Kerry for SoS so Massachusetts will have to hold another special election for his seat, which Scott Brown might win again. Or at least that's what Lawrence O'Donnell has been saying.

Conspiracy or no, the whole thing certainly doesn't exactly pass the smell test--Rice withdraws on the same day Foreign Policy reported that the State investigation into Benghazi might not be released to the public, then Hillary come down with a flu-related injury and can't testify just as Kerry gets the nod, all in the span of three days. 

Do they think the public is that dumb or tuned out?  Yes, of course.

Now, perhaps the tell of whether this is actually a conspiracy/deal per O'Donnell is McCain.  Will he show up on the Sunday shows today outraged over this development?  Will he question Hillary's health issue and demand she put the nation first and hobble in for the good of the country?  Or will he demur and become all statesman-like?  Or be a complete no-show?   We'll see.


Wall to wall coverage on the shooting.  That's logical and expected, but at the same time fortuitous for Hillary, McCain and Graham.   


Right Truth said...

McCain wants Kerry, I have no idea why. Susan Rice drops out of running for SOS when she wasn't even nominated. Hillary is supposedly so sick, yet she is "at home". I suppose they could be treating her with IV's etc. at home, since she is so special and probably wouldn't want to go to the hospital.

Will Hillary testify? Not if she can get out of it. She and Bill consulted attorneys immediately after Benghazi, to see what Hillary's options were. She does not want to testify on the record or behind the scenes.

With Obama, we won't get any qualified nominees for any office, including SOS. We're stuck.

A big push for a gay Supreme Court Judge to replace whomever dies or resigns next. Oh joy. There is also a push for an "all female" court, sigh.

We're doomed.

Right Truth

A.C. McCloud said...

It really does look bleak right now. This shooting in CT, as horrible as it was, only gives the left more fodder for their overall 'change' of America into Euro-Socialism. That's why a lot of the right has gone silent on it--there's just nothing more to say. The statists are winning at the moment.