Thursday, December 06, 2012

Investigation Update

Here's an update on the investigation being run by two US Attorneys regarding national security leaks (purportedly from the administration) over Yemen and Iran:

Stay tuned for another update after Christmas Eve.

Meanwhile, the investigation into what occurred in Benghazi continues to languish, which has forced a leak to the New York Times (apparently a possible Pulitzer is too good to pass up now that Obama has safely been reelected).  So, will the administration hunt down and punish the Times leaker, perhaps adding that charge to the docket of the two US Attorneys?  Or will they go after the Times for leaking about an investigation they are most likely stonewalling, knowing the Times is involved in the other investigation?   So many questions. 

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Right Truth said...

I'm betting the next update will e as informative as this one was, heh.

Right Truth